Deep front layer

Choosing your exercise

The exercises have been adapted to different situations and levels of performance. If you have a specific emphasis for effect, for example you want to also affect the back of the calves, you can choose to go directly to those exercises. If you have restrictions in your ability to perform some of the exercises, then choose the exercises of lower level.

The most important aspect is related to your effect, the exercise does not need to be exactly as shown in the video if you achieve the purpose with a slightly different position. You can be able to perform it in a reduced or increased range of motion than that shown in the video, as long as you are able to activate and stretch the muscles in that position.

The exercises will be shown from easiest to the more difficult exercises being shown further below. Find your appropriate level and preferably start working progressively to a higher level if possible.

Deep front layer - standard - lying position

Deep front layer - standard - sidelying position

Deep front layer - standard - knee standing position

Deep front layer - standard - Standing position

Deep front layer - calves focus

Deep front layer - alternative